Introducing a whole new product line at the East Coast Regional Conference

Greetings from the East Coast Regional Conference for the Knights of Columbus

Introducing a whole new product line!

Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
Moderator: Robert Abbate FIC, CSA, LACP, LUTCF. Panelists: Kevin Moran FICF, CLTC, Jeffrey Denehy FIC, Robert Canter Jr. FICF, CSA, LUTCF, Joseph Spinelli FICF, LUTCF, CLU
From all over the East Coast....
Knights of Columbus Advisors gathered in Baltimore this week to stay up to date on the best ways to serve our owners.

Advisors from all over the East Coast gathered in Baltimore, MD, to learn how to better take care of our owners. Bob Abbate, our General Agent, moderated the discussion on Million Dollar Round table and three out of five panel discussions featured our advisors. 

A key topic at training was the whole new suite of products is available now allowing our advisors to provide a broader range of services. Policies can now be designed to pay off in specific years, making it very, very flexible. This is an exclusive to our agency and the Knights of Columbus. 

For example, we can now design a financial product with any amount of money with pay cycles that vary from 5 years to 100 years and anything in between.  

We are now able to provide solutions that are as unique as our clients are. Ask your Abbate Agency Advisor for more information.

Together, the advisors focused on a principle alive in well in our Agency: 

“I don’t sell products. I solve problems.”

The following are some comments from the moderator and three panelists from the Abbate Agency.

Robert Abbate, FIC, CSA, LACP, LUTCF: Moderator, MDRT Panel

"MDRT represents the top 2% of all financial advisors in the world. 60% of the advisors in the Abbate Agency have qualified for MDRT. The panelists talked about how MDRT improved their practices and their family lives. Through that greater efficiency, our advisors have stronger practices that can better serve our clients. Everything about MDRT is about better serving our clients. Many advisors struggle with finding referrals. Our advisors primarily work on referrals, as our owners' friends want to join in our creed and have a part of "Excellence in Life Planning"®."

Max Abbate, FIC, MDRT: Panelist, In Depth Fact Finding

"The whole process begins with fact finding. No one can build a full in-depth financial plan or create a profitable portfolio with out in-depth fact finding. That includes setting expectations, setting financial goals, analyzing what do you have in place, and more. It's the beginning of where all the planning takes place. People don't plan to fail, but they often fail to plan. You can't achieve your financial goals without a plan. That's where everything comes into place. We gather all the information about a client and form a relationship, and the rest is history. We have an agency-wide 90%+ retention rate with all of our clients because of how in depth and personal we are when we meet with all of our clients. It's not only financial planning, it's life planning. And we're a family that provides Excellence in Life Planning"®."

Nick Abbate, FIC, MDRT: Panelist, Retirement Planning

"How do you have a healthy and happy retirement? Financial security is key to the peace of mind you need to enjoy retirement. Retirement isn't just for clocking time after your job is done. You should enjoy it, not worry, and have fun! Proper planning makes that possible. Together we achieve Excellence in Life Planning"®." - Nick Abbate

Kevin Moran, FIC, CLTC, MDRT: Panelist, MDRT

“I’ve been a member of MDRT for 3 years. It has been an enlightening experience, and there is so much more for me to learn by attending the worldwide Million Dollar Round Table conferences. Every time I return from them, I’m inspired with new gained knowledge on how we, my team and I, can better serve our clients and how I can instill more thoughtful and productive management within my staff.

I am happy and proud to be a member of the top 2% of Advisors in the world as an MDRT member.

The Abbate Agency, Knights of Columbus, has 11 advisors serving within the Richmond Diocese. Did you know that six of those eleven advisors, Ben Salazar, Nick Abbate, Raymond Selg, Max Abbate, Sal Fillapelli, and myself, are Million Dollar Round Table members?

The Abbate Agency is proud to represent the best of what the Knights of Columbus can offer to its members and their families through these processes.

We are here to protect every single Catholic Family with the diocese, every single day, by providing them “Excellence in Life Planning ®️.”

My question to you is: have you revisited your plan with to your Catholic advisors lately? Contact us to see what the KofC can do for you. Cntact your Abbate Agency Advisor today!”

Take the first step toward achieving your financial goals.

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