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Congratulations on taking a step toward greater financial education, financial planning, and meeting your personal goals! The Abbate Agency and our advisors are here as a resource to help you. 

A disclaimer: The information on this website provides only a broad, general guideline, which may be helpful in shaping your financial thinking about investment objectives and risk tolerance. The reports and graphs are for simple illustrative purposes only. The information is for estimating purposes only and you should review your personal situation periodically with a qualified advisor. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Your attorney and accountant should be consulted regarding legal and tax implications. No liability is assumed resulting from the use of the information contained on this website. 

Responsibility for financial decisions is assumed by you. It is important to revise your plans periodically in light of your experiences and changing goals. A family consultation with an Abbate Agency Advisor will be better suited to give you personal guidance.

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Building a Nest Egg 

Debt Management

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Mission of Love

The Knights of Columbus was established off of love – love of family, love of faith, love of self. Father McGivney’s mission of love still remains strong to this day.
Love is what started our company and as your financial team, we will always be in your corner. We invite you to see how the mission has been strengthened and how we are here to help.

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Virginia Open

Join us for the first ever annual Virginia Open on May 1, 2020, benefiting the Diocese of Richmond’s Bicentennial! Learn about golfing registration and available sponsorships.

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Building a Nest Egg

Building Your Nest Egg: An Emergency Fund

Let's start with some Finance 101 and then discuss how to succeed at savings, how much you need save, where to keep your savings, and why it's important.

Building Your Nest Egg: 401(k) Explained

Do you have a 401(k) savings plan? Do you know how it fits in to your retirement plan? Read on to learn how to use it for your future.

Building Your Nest Egg: Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA

Read about the differences between the IRA and Roth IRA saving programs.

Building Your Nest Egg: Understanding the Roth IRA

Dive deeper into the Roth IRA. Get tips on how to make your retirement fund work hard for your future through the Roth IRA.

Building Your Nest Egg: Retirement Income Strategies

Read about how you can set up income strategies that will have a long-term effect for your retirement years.

Building Your Nest Egg: Qualified Retirement Accounts Chart

Read about which accounts are classified as retirement accounts and how you can get them started.

A New Look at Annuities

Did you know you can design your own paycheck for life, without loads, fees, or commissions charged to you? While some annuities come with heavy charges, others can be tailored to fit your needs with a guaranteed return and no loss of principal. It's time to take a new look at annuities.

Debt Management

Debt: The Types and How to Manage Debt

Read tips to help you better understand the different debts and how you can manage them best.

I Have Student Debt. What Are My Options?

Read about how you can manage your student loan debt, the types of repayment plans that may be available to you, and explore options to stay in control of your student loans.