Protect, Save and Invest, and Retire


What is your most valuable asset?

You! And your ability to produce income for your family!

Think about it for a second. Ask your spouse, a family member or a friend, what would happen to you or your family if you were gone, injured or unable to care for yourself? We can protect your mortgage, pay off your student debt, relieve your family/estate from a Long Term Care claim or disability and any other debts from crippling your family. We protect your family, your business and yourself. Insure today to protect tomorrow!

Financial Consulting: Save and Invest

Did you know you could invest with a company which shares your values and integrity while making you profitable?

 Welcome to the Knights!

We show you how to accumulate wealth. Guaranteed wealth! Not just projections, but actual figures. To accumulate and manage wealth, it’s better to get advice and to have a team on your side. Let us be that team! If you are Catholic you can get a free consultation just by calling! We coach you on how to save for the now, for college, a new house, debt management and eventually for retirement! We guide you through your life to ensure you stay on track and if you wander off, we get you back on the program toward guaranteed wealth accumulation.


Before you retire, you'll have worked for decades.

Retire the way YOU want to retire.

The main goal, right?
Q: When can we start the process toward retirement?
A: NOW, it doesn’t matter how old you are! 18 or 88 we can help advise you on the way toward retirement and completing and securing your portfolio. Today, we can show you how your retirement will actually play out and how to manage it effectively. Why? Because we planned on the “what if.” Now we can build guaranteed income streams for life that are assured to make money every day, with zero loads, management fees or commission charges to your portfolio.